Are free spins the best type of casino bonus?

When online casinos were first introduced, they were somewhat hard to come by. They were also used by many real life casino players, as they were convenient to use and easy to access. This meant that they were in high demand, and didn’t have to put much effort in when enticing new players. However, as the amount of Internet users and the amount of online casinos grew, the companies began using promotional tools to encourage players to join. They do this by offering sign up bonuses, including free spins. Free spins are made available, as it is an offer that most casino players simply cannot refuse. Although they may seem simple at first glance, to be a generous thank you gift from the casino you have chosen to join, there are many things to consider when collecting a free spins offer. Whether free spins no deposit required are the best type of sign up bonus is regularly debated. With a little more information, you can decide for yourself.

Free spins are exactly when they say on the tin – they are spins given to you by your chosen online casino that allow you to play on the slot games advertised without spending any money. They’re easily accessible through portals like, which many players use to find the best casino promotions on the web. This may seem like a fantastic deal for any new user, but if you take it right back to basics, you will see that these free spins are really something completely different to what they seem. They are not a generous, selfless gift. Free spins no deposit required are a promotional tool used to bring in as many new users as possible, so that the casino can make more money. Not only are these free spins no deposit used as a promotional tool, they also come with many terms, and when they are enforced can be devastating for the player.

The most disappointing part of these free spin offers often comes in the form of the stern terms and conditions that are enforced. The terms in place can often mean that there are heavy restrictions on what a player can do with them, and with the winnings the receive from the free spins no deposit. These conditions are often harsher than those that accompany other casino bonuses.

There are three main elements of the T&Cs that should be taken into consideration when selecting your online casino. The first aspect to consider is the withdrawal requirements. Online casinos are able to place a limit on the amount of money you must have in your account before you are able to withdraw the funds. This means that you could have money sitting in your online casino account that you are not able to withdraw.  The second thing to look out for in the terms and conditions is the wagering requirements in place. These can keep a player gambling long after their free spins have ran out, meaning that they end up spending money, rather than winning it. The third thing to take into consideration is the restrictions on overall game play. Certain casinos will restrict the games that the free spins can be used on, and if you happen to play on a slot game that you are not permitted to use the free spins on, your free spin bonus will be removed and your winnings could be voided.

After listing the negative aspects of the free spin bonus, it is only fair to discuss the positives. Free spins given will allow a casino player the chance to sample many of the slot games that are on offer, without spending any of their own money. This gives each player the chance to find a game that they really enjoy playing before they place their real-money bets. Although these free spins are often given to new players that sign up through casino review sites such as MrCasinon, loyal customers can also be rewarded. This allows these customers to extend their game play, experience new games, and switch between real money gambling and free play.

When considering if a free spins no deposit bonus provides value for money, all of the above points should be noted. However, when it comes to casino bonuses, there is nothing more diverse than free spins, that is for certain.